We are a responsible, dynamic and reliable partner for healthy and safe transport of liquids.
We search, applying enthusiasm and our lengthy tradition, for innovative, efficient and competitive transport and logistics solutions with our customers. We operate in an international framework with the utmost respect for rules and with regard to environmental sustainability.
We provide our employees with economic and employment security, stimulating their professional growth and social standing.
We are convinced that by continually renewing ourselves we can contribute to the valorization of our customers and the growth of their business”.


Be transparent, authentic and build relationships based on mutual confidence. Be coherent between what we say and how we act. Openly recognize errors as a stimulus for improvement.

Know how to listen and give value to every idea, proposal, request and the work of others. Accept the diversity and identity of individuals. Give answers to customer requests no matter what the contingent difficulties.

Make information and experience inside the company accessible to all. Involve all staff, based on their tasks, in project implementation. Have customers and suppliers share in innovations and discover competitive synergies together.

Be alert to changes in the industry, in economic developments and market demands.
Keep up to date and give innovative and shared solutions.
Know how to change the organizational structure to meet every requirement.

Be enthusiastic for what you are doing. Know how to communicate and transmit positive attitudes to all those who come in contact with Adami Trasporti. Want to be the market leader thanks to excellence in services provided.

Be aware that, in the food industry, the quality of the service we are able to offer has an impact on the well-being and health of people. Analyze in advance the consequences and impact that actions can have on company business and results. Be present during tough times to cope with problems with determination and find the solution.