The Adami Group offers precise and accurate service throughout Europe by providing 4 proprietary hubs strategically located to meet customers’ requirements efficiently and competitively in every geographic area



This is our main headquarters. Verona is in a strategic position for freight traffic, at the crossroads of the main European and Italian North-South and East-West routes.

Verona is the site of one of Europe’s most important freight terminals for intermodal transport.

The headquarters of Adami Autotrasporti Spa is located 5 kilometers from the Verona Nord motorway exit. It is on an approximate 50,000 square meter site, including administration and operational offices, machine shop, tire shop, refueling area, internal and external vehicle wash system and a large vehicle parking area.


Castelmassa is centrally located between Verona, Padua, Venice, Bologna and Ravenna and is an ideal vehicle relay center.

Adami Autotrasporti Spa is headquartered in the industrial zone on an approximate 20,000 square meter area including an operational office, vehicle parking area, an area dedicated to liquid foodstuffs storage and logistics using tank containers and an ultra-modern system for washing, drying and heating tanks and tank containers with a test lab plus an area offering all kinds of comfort to carriers and drivers during their breaks.


Beilngries is located in the center of one of the most productive areas in Europe, Bavaria, between Munich and Nuremberg on the route for all traffic directed towards Northern Europe.

Adami Autotrasporti Spa is headquartered in the industrial zone on an approximate 20,000 square meter area including an operational office, machine shop, vehicle wash system and a refreshment and service area for carriers plus a large parking area.


Bratislava is at the center of New Europe, 50 kilometers from Vienna (A)- 200 kilometers from Budapest (H)- 300 kilometers from Prague (CZ)- 380 from Katowice (PL), in a strategic position for all traffic in the Eastern Europe geographic area, an increasingly important and constantly growing economic and industrial area.

This is the headquarters of Adami Slovensko sro, 100% controlled by Adami Autotrasporti spa. This is an independent company with its own fleet of vehicles, which procures and develops transport services for international customers. It has a staff of 60 with an operational office composed of young and multilingual personnel.