Adami has built, at the Verona headquarters, a tank washing and sterilization system that is constantly renewed using the leading-edge technological solutions.

The software that controls the system, developed by Adami’s IT department, is the exclusive property of Adami and permits:

  • wash programs customized to customer requirements
  • wash procedures that can comply with any standards and requirements
  • crosscheck of data between transported product and product to be transported, defining a dedicated wash program
  • possibility of access to procedures only by Adami authorized personnel
  • total control of every wash phase
  • total traceability of every procedure
  • historical file of all data

Every part of the system has a technical sheet and predetermined periodic control and overhaul protocol.

Test lab

A well-equipped test lab is an integral part of the wash system, able to check the water for each wash before proceeding with guarantee sealing of the tank and with issue of the wash certificate.

Adami, to ensure the highest level of specialization of its personnel, has set up a specific department that works exclusively to design and create the best solutions to offer a food transport vehicle sanitizing and sterilization service